New Super Mario Bros U Switch Port Reportedly in the Works

The Wii U had some well-received games that didn’t quite get the credit they deserved due to the console’s low install base. Nintendo has been porting over old games to the Switch to remedy that problem and new rumors point to yet another popular first-party title making the jump. Multiple sources have suggested that a New Super Mario Bros U Switch version with more content is coming some time in the future. Nintendo has not commented on the report.

Sources “connected to” Nintendo’s European branch told ComicBook about this port before E3 2018. This alleged source has been correct about past leaks like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, lending this report some credibility. ComicBook then started to follow “up on these rumours with other tipsters linked with Nintendo who have corroborated these suggestions.”

The sources claimed it would be called New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and it could even come out before the end of the year with the New Super Luigi U DLC. While the details were not specified, some of ComicBook’s sources said it could come with more content, hence the “Deluxe” part of the title.

As was previously mentioned, this would not be the first time Nintendo has re-released a Wii U game on the Switch and added “Deluxe” to the name. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out last year for the Switch and it had new karts, tracks, tweaks, and the return of battle mode. It’s one of the Switch’s best-selling titles and has almost sold more copies than total Wii U units.

Other Wii U games have made the jump as well. Bayonetta 2 (with the first Bayonetta) released on the Switch earlier this year, but, sadly, did not sell well. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker also made the jump to Switch a few months ago and came with some new levels and features. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was yet another underappreciated Wii U game that was ported to the Switch with a Funky Mode and higher resolution. While a New Super Mario Bros U Switch port has not been confirmed, it would at least be on a system with a bigger user base.