Gamescom 2018: Morphies Law Switch Gets Surprise Release Today

The Morphies Law Switch version is getting a surprise release. It was announced during the Nintendo Indie Highlights for Gamescom 2018 earlier today, and will be available from the Nintendo eShop from 10 a.m. Pacific on August 20. Morphies Law, developed by Swiss studio Cosmoscope, is a third-person shooter where well-placed shots transfer your opponent’s body mass into your own.

Every now and then, a game will come along that puts a unique spin on a tried and tested genre. Morphies Law is one such game, and it’s been in the works for a little while now. It answers a curious question – what if, instead of just dealing damage when you shoot someone, the body part that you hit would shrink while your equivalent body part grew proportionately? Probably not a question that many people were asking, but nonetheless, Morphies Law definitely breaks the mold. It’ll be breaking that mold on-the-go too, and a lot sooner than we expected, especially as the Morphies Law Switch release was announced in today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights at Gamescom 2018.

Morphies Law has been on the radar of many, with alpha gameplay footage first surfacing in 2016. It saw part of the spotlight at E3 2017 and, since then, there’s been an art overhaul and a lot of polish. Previously red and blue character models with bone structures on top have now transformed into candy skulls complete with a Mexican Dia de los Muertos aesthetic, for example. It isn’t all just colorful fun, however; there’s an intriguing strategic angle in Morphies Law, as while the size of your body parts translates into more points for your team. it also leaves you vulnerable as a larger and easier-to-hit target.

Once the clock strikes 10, you’ll be able to buy Morphies Law Switch on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99, and later this year you’ll be able to grab it on Steam too. There’s also a day one patch that will allow you to claim a limited edition “babyface” skin by using the in-game code, “earlymorphie”.