Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo release date, free DLC announced

Initially announced in the beginning of August, the Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition demo finally has a release date. Along with the Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo release date announcement, Nintendo also revealed a Dragon Quest 11 Switch free DLC pack and some exclusive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content for Dragon Quest 11 players.

Nintendo announced the Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo release date during a Nintendo U.K. Gamescom 2019 presentation. According to Nintendo, the demo will provide players with more than 10 hours of content, “if you really want to complete everything.” Because of this long playtime, Square Enix has included a save data transfer feature in the demo to allow players to continue where they left off when the full game releases on September 27.

The Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo download size is 4.7 GB, and the demo’s home menu icon appears to be based on the box art from the original Dragon Quest 11 release on PS4 and PC last year, featuring a rendering of the main character’s in-game model rather than the hand-drawn box art of the Switch release. As Square Enix announced in the presentation, the Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo is available now.

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Square Enix and Nintendo also made a few additional announcements during the presentation. A Nintendo U.K. representative announced the Dragon Quest 11 Switch Champion’s Pack DLC, which will give players exclusive items and costumes. The Champion’s Pack DLC will be available for free on the day Dragon Quest 11 launches on Switch. Nintendo of America later posted images of two of the pack’s costumes on Twitter: The first is a brand new costume for Veronica, not seen in the other versions of Dragon Quest 11, that dresses her up like a boar. The second dresses up Dragon Quest 11’s hero like the protagonist of Dragon Quest 8. This costume was previously available in the PS4 and PC release of the game. Details on the Dragon Quest 11 eShop page also list a “Wolf Wear” costume for Erik and two sets of useful items.

Finally, Square Enix announced the addition of a new Tockles spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The spirit, which grants fog immunity, will be available for players who play either the Dragon Quest 11 Switch demo or the full game, though no release date for the spirit has been announced.

You can watch the entire Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition Nintendo U.K. Gamescom presentation, which details several of the Switch version’s exclusive features, below.