Far Cry 5 Zombies DLC Brings Back the Blood Dragons

Ubisoft has announced the release date for the Far Cry 5 zombies DLCFar Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies, the title’s final expansion, is coming out on August 28. There’s a brand new trailer (which you can check out below) and it reveals that zombies are not the only enemies in the game, as Ubisoft is bringing back the long-teased Blood Dragons too.

The trailer gives the DLC a B-movie feel; a conceit strengthened by it being based around a new movie by Far Cry 5‘s hack director Guy Marvel, who in the main game roped the player character into helping make his movie sequel to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The trailer describes his pitch as like Romeo & Juliet, “but set in a zombie-filled world,” and features zombies, undead dogs, and a giant Blood Dragon.

The huge lizards were last seen in Trials of the Blood Dragon, Ubisoft’s weird mash-up of Trials and Far Cry, but their most famous appearance was in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the fantastic standalone expansion for Far Cry 3Ubisoft has been teasing a return to the popular Blood Dragon series for a while now, with the Guy Marvel missions in Far Cry 5, the hidden Blood Dragon skeletons in Far Cry Primal, and the last DLC, Lost On Mars.

However, unlike the last two Far Cry 5 expansions, this one may not be a full open world. Ubisoft describes Dead Living Zombies as having “seven hilarious scenarios,” which suggests separate stories in different areas, similar to the drug trips in previous games. If so, then this may mean that Blood Dragons may be the focus of just one of these scenarios. As long as all this gets added to the Far Cry 5 Arcade map editor, like Ubisoft says, then we may well see the community coming up with even better scenarios to rival the ones in the DLC.