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Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Release Date: When is the New DLC Coming Out?

The next batch of Far Cry 5 DLC is (hopefully) going to be dropping very soon. While there hasn’t been a confirmed Lost on Mars release date, those waiting on a one-way trip to the Red Planet should expect the add-on to come our way very soon. That’s all thanks to a bunch of rumblings in patch notes, as well as a list of Lost on Mars achievements leaks that all point to an imminent arrival.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Release Date: Expected Launch

At this point, it’s purely guesswork, but it’s guesswork that’s been backed up by the previous Far Cry 5 DLC, Hours of Darkness. That launched in June 5, roughly two weeks after a reveal trailer for the DLC came tacked on with a release date. We haven’t had any trailer for Lost on Mars yet so, as of July 8, the Lost on Mars release date probably won’t be coming anytime before July 23.

There is, however, some hope. Ubisoft are opting for a quick turnaround with these DLCs and, as you’re about to see, a pair of reveals (one official, one very much not so) has hinted at the Far Cry 5 DLC headed in our direction.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Release Date: Achievements

True Achievements has uncovered the full list of Lost on Mars achievements. There are seven in total, for a combined 300 gamerscore. This would indicate that the DLC has all been finalized and its launch is just around the corner. Again, there’s been nothing official but the week commencing July 23, with a possibility of either a Tuesday or Friday release date on July 24 or July 28 respectively appears to be the best bet.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Release Date: Arcade Mode Assets

In addition to that, Far Cry 5 Title Update 8 has added Lost on Mars Arcade Mode assets to the game. They might as well have also included a giant neon sign with a release date while they’re at it but, alas, no dice. Still, the final full week in July is when we can expect the Lost in Mars release date. Not long to go now.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Release Date: Official Release Date [UPDATE]

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC will launch July 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and cost $10 for those without the season pass who wish to purchase it separately.