Far Cry 5 Photo Mode is Coming in the Next Update

Most video games have embraced our society’s push towards being social. Photo modes have been emblematic of that movement, allowing players to express themselves within the games they play. Given its relative unimportance, it is usually patched in after the game’s release like this year’s God of War. Ubisoft is following this trend and adding in a Far Cry 5 photo mode in the next update. This patch also fixes a bunch of bugs and adds features to the Arcade Mode. It is slated for a release on July 5 after the game’s scheduled maintenance.

Ubisoft stated in the patch notes that photo mode is only available in the solo version of the campaign, Arcade maps, and expansions. There was already some sort of Far Cry 5 photo mode where you could turn off the UI in the binoculars to frame photos. I snapped the header image for this article using that method. But the official photo mode tools will make the process easier and allow for better pictures with a more liberated camera.

When initiated from the pause menu, time stops and the camera pulls out to a third-person view. From there, polygonal photographers will be able to move the camera, change the time of day, alter the field of view, give their character facial expressions, and add filters, frames, and effects. Photo mode can’t activated in every situation like during weapon reloads and quick time events.

The patch also brings in the Far Cry Arcade lobby browser that Ubisoft had previously announced. When the update comes out tomorrow, the main Arcade menu will have a list of joinable lobbies. Previously, password protected private matches and a random shuffle mode with other people were the only option. This update potentially brings players an endless supply of Shovel Dodgers, Far Cry Arcade’s greatest achievement.