Far Cry 5 Post-Launch DLC Plans Detailed by Ubisoft

Not one day has gone by since Far Cry 5 officially released and Ubisoft is already here to reveal its post-launch plans for the latest game in the Far Cry franchise. The developers will deliver an experience inspired by the same philosophy and design of Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon expansion, which was a success due to its unique 80s aesthetics filled with fourth-wall-breaking shenanigans.

Ubisoft Associate Producer Phil Fournier detailed more of its post-launch plans in a post on PlayStation Blog. He confirmed that the three very different expansions for Far Cry 5 will not be a direct continuation of the game’s events set in Hope County. However, players will be happy to learn that there will still be easter eggs to the main game’s narrative in the expansions.

Fournier explains: “All of the three DLCs really have their own identity – Mars; the Vietnam War; a post-apocalyptic, zombie scenario – but, at the same time, we found ways to tie them into the main Far Cry 5 narrative. You might find, or hear about characters you met in the main game in these strange new places – even on Mars! I can’t elaborate too much on that, but let’s just say there’s a character in Far Cry 5 who believes we’re being ‘watched’ and, you know, maybe they’re right!”

Although Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon expansion was essentially a re-skin of the main game, Fournier stresses that will not be the case for Far Cry 5‘s expansions. Each expansion will “represent its own distinct experience.” He said: “We had entirely different teams, like Ubisoft Shanghai, running the development from start to finish and they really did an awesome job of capturing the essence of Far Cry 5 in brand-new scenarios and environments that deliberately turn things on their head.”

Another important aspect of Far Cry 5‘s post-launch plans is the new Far Cry Arcade feature, which is a Map Editor mode that encourages players to take familiar assets from previous Far Cry games and even other Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, to build new levels. Fournier reveals that the upcoming Far Cry 5 expansions will tie in with Far Cry Arcade but he didn’t want to give away too much information for now.

Additionally, there will be regular updates and new content for Far Cry Arcade as Ubisoft Montreal plans to support this feature for a long time. Fournier added that there will be a rating system for every map so that players can let other people know if they liked or didn’t like that particular map. The teams at various Ubisoft offices will also be conducting live events “to encourage the community to engage and create.”

Far Cry 5 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. It is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our review of Far Cry 5 here.