Monster Hunter World PC Mod Let Fans Change Their Looks

While Monster Hunter World has had an abundance of beautiful and deadly armor available to players thanks to in-game events, sometimes the best-looking gear isn’t always the most field-appropriate. Some might remember that Monster Hunter XX let players customize the look of the various dinosaur parts draped around their bodies.

However, that magic hasn’t been officially made available to those enjoying the most recent MH game. However, some players are in luck. An enterprising soul has made a Monster Hunter World PC mod that lets fans change their armor’s look while keeping its stats.

This PC mod was made by FineNerds, and it’s available now on NexusMods. It’s simple to use. Players open MH World and then open the mod before picking whichever armor set they’d like to amend the appearance of. The different codes for various armor pieces have been compiled into one list by FineNerds, so it’s as easy as entering the right numbers to get the perfect hunting look.

At this stage, it looks like there are some issues with these altered armors appearing in multiplayer sessions, but it’s not at all bad for a fashionable, solo jaunt against your local Anjanath. There’s quite a variety of armor sets available for players to customize their chosen outfit from, so it’s also a nice way of keeping tabs on armor pieces that you might want to actually grind for later. There’s nothing worse than rolling up on an angry monster repeatedly over the course of an hour only to find out that the scraps of skin you’ve crafted its armor from look like sad leathery garbage bags.

While it doesn’t have full functionality in terms of allowing you to change the particular color of the armor that you’ve customized via the mod itself, this is one step up on the PS4 version for truly fashi0n-conscious hunters.