Battlerite Royale Price Revealed Along With Limited Time Discount

Stunlock Studios has revealed the price of its upcoming Battlerite Royale, with the standalone game set to launch on Steam for $19.99. While Fortnite has seen great success by maintaining its free-to-play model and successors such as Realm Royale have followed in Epic Games’ footsteps, Stunlock has instead decided to make its take on the genre a paid experience, though will offer a discount for those who previously purchased Battlerite.

The 50 percent discount will be available to those who purchased Battlerite in early access or those who own the All Champions pack, which will set you back $30 and as its name suggests unlocks all present and future Battlerite champions. With Battlerite Royale being a standalone game, you’ll still be able to use and all cosmetics you’ve unlocked in Battlerite. You’ll also be given access to the Legendary Ember Tiger Mount (pictured below).

battlerite royale price mount

The discount will be available for a limited time only, with players having 10 days to purchase Battlerite Royale in order to take advantage of it. If players didn’t purchase Battlerite or the All Champions pack, then they’ll have to cough up $19.99 in order to get their hands on the battle royale game.

Battlerite Royale looks set to combine a battle royale with a MOBA, providing a unique top-down spin on an increasingly crowded genre. It will launch with 20 characters, with closed beta signups accessible here.

With interest in battle royale games outside of Fortnite being hit and miss, it could be that Stunlock slapping a $19.99 price tag on Battlerite Royale allows it to turn a larger profit, with existing Battlerite players likely interested in trying out the new mode. However, longevity is everything with multiplayer-focused games, so choosing to not make it free-to-play could harm its chances of finding a wider audience.

Plenty more big-budget battle royale games are coming just around the corner, with both Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 set to feature their very own BR modes. Stunlock will be hoping that Battlerite Royale stands out from the crowd enough to carve out its own audience among all the competition.