strange brigade trailer

Strange Brigade Launch Trailer Reveals Free Fifth Playable Character

Strange Brigade, the new IP from UK-based developer Rebellion, is primed for its release at the end of August. The third-person action-adventure game takes players on a quest to Ancient Egypt to defeat a resurrected witch queen. The steampunk inspired title’s launch trailer has given us a new glimpse of what’s in store for the intrepid heroes with a Strange Brigade trailer, and can be viewed below.

Showing off its British-style humor, the footage offers an insight into the various enemies that the Strange Brigade will face. Mummies, ghostly pirates, Egyptian ninjas and gigantic mystical statues will all try to halt players from advancing to face Seteki the Witch Queen. The diverse range of Strange Brigade‘s playable characters are also on show, with each possessing different kinds of weaponry and skills to combat their foes. There’s plenty of treasure to be found throughout each level too, so exploration is a necessity if players want to uncover all of the game’s secrets.

The Strange Brigade trailer also reveals that a fifth playable character will be available to download free of charge. Winston Rey, a gentleman explorer, will be present to play as in the game as long as gamers pre-order Strange Brigade before its official release date. Players can also pick him up for free when they purchase it on any platform within a 30-day period following the game’s launch.

With a particular emphasis on co-operative play, Strange Brigade wants players to band together and attempt to thwart Seteki’s evil plans. There is the potential for gamers to go it alone, but there’s likely much more fun to be had playing alongside three mates. With friendly fire and traps both present in the game, there may be a few fallings out between friends who opt to play together. Strange Brigade launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Tuesday, August 28.

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