Untitled Goose Game Switch, PC Versions Releasing First Next Year

The Untitled Goose Game may still not have an official name, but it does have a vague release window and a set of platforms. The PC and Mac versions will launch alongside the Untitled Goose Game Switch port in early 2019. No month or price were specified.

This news (via press release) also comes with a new publisher and website. Panic is set to publish the Untitled Goose Game and is also known for helping Campo Santo release Firewatch. Co-Founder of Panic Cabel Sasser helped described the publisher’s choice to cut a deal with developer House House.

“We’re crazy excited to work with House House to bring this funny, good-feeling game into a sometimes bad-feeling world,” said Sasser. “There’s something so nice about the simple joy of laughing and causing mischief that we know will delight video game-playing families everywhere.”

The Untitled Goose Game Switch version will give the game its console debut. It’s currently not confirmed for other platforms. Push Me Pull You, House House’s bizarre last game, was only on the PC and PS4. However, House House self-published that title and the extra help from Panic could possibly help bring this stealthy goose game to other platforms at some time in the future.

untitled goose game switch

Untitled Goose Game, along with the Switch port of Firewatch, will be playable at PAX West 2018 this coming weekend. There will also be goose-related shirts inspired by the game exclusively at Panic’s PAX West booth. The shirts are from an in-house artist at House House, artist Ruan Van Vliet, and game designer Jenny Jiao Hsia, It, sadly, looks like these shirts will only be for humans and not geese.

House House has been quiet for quite some time. The studio even tweeted back in June that it was still alive and that we will hear some news soon. This news must have been what it was hinting at.