No, a Fortnite Fan Didn’t Sh*t in a Bag at Gamescom

It’s been reported that a Fortnite fan allegedly defecated in a bag while waiting to play the at Gamescom this week, in what some have called the “Fortnite poop bag incident.” Fortunately, we’re happy to confirm that this did not in fact happen.

Gamescom 2018 may be an exciting event for some. So much so that, in fact, it’s making people literally sh*t themselves. Well, one person in particular — or so the internet was led to believe for a short moment in time. It had been reported by German outlet PlayNation that, while in line to claim a Fortnite spray exclusive to the event (and going for a tasty 150€ on eBay) a Fortnite fan who didn’t want to lose their spot elected to lower their trousers and poop in a paper bag.

The fabricated Fortnite poop bag incident only grew worse: this bag of faeces was left on the ground, and unsuspecting Gamescom attendees had started to step on the bag and spreading it throughout Hall 8 of the Koelnmesse exhibition centre. One young child within the vicinity allegedly vomited due to the stench that filled the hall, and service personnel of Koelnmesse refused outright to clean up the poop out of understandable disgust. The task of shovelling the (sadly not proverbial) sh*t supposedly fell on the hands of a leading employee of either Epic Games or Koelnmesse, who did the deed with haste.

That would be absolutely awful if it had actually happened. Just now, Senior PR Manager of Epic Games Nick Chester took to Twitter to clarify that the event never actually occurred. What likely served as the influence behind the hoax is that the exclusive Fortnite spray that is currently going for around 150€ online. It was intended to serve as motivation for the fictional offending Fortnite fan defecator.