Soul Calibur 6 Switch Not in Development but Still Possible Post-Launch, Says Bandai Namco

Soul Calibur 6 developer and publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that a Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming game is not currently in development. This is despite rumors of a Soul Calibur 6 Switch version, which have persisted since the game was initially announced at The Game Awards 2017. Fortunately, there’s still hope for owners of the hybrid console, as the latest installment in the long-running fighting game franchise might still be possible in the future.

In an interview with DualShockers, Bandai Namco producer Motohiro Okubo clarified the status of the Soul Calibur 6 Switch once and for all. He confirms that the game is not currently in development for the hybrid console, but he admits that the Nintendo Switch is a “very successful hardware.” Due to that reason, he continued by saying that “if there’s a possibility, then it would be great to do it.”

However, Okubo also said that Bandai Namco is focusing on the game’s upcoming launch in October 2018, so they “don’t even have time to think about that possibility” at the moment. He then added that they will start considering the possibility of a Soul Calibur 6 Switch version after the game launches. In all likelihood, if sales turn out to be great, a Nintendo Switch version would be all but confirmed at that point.

We reported last year that Okubo already explained why a Soul Calibur 6 Switch version was not included in the original announcement of the game. He said that the development on the game actually began over three years ago, and nobody knew anything about the hybrid console back then. He also added that it could definitely happen if Unreal Engine 4 support for the Switch improves. With other hardware-demanding games like Doom and Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing for the Switch, there’s no reason why a Soul Calibur 6 Switch wouldn’t be possible.