Nintendo Mobile JRPG Dragalia Lost Coming Stateside

Dragalia Lost, Nintendo’s latest foray into the mobile gaming market, will be coming to the United States on September 27. The game will also be releasing on this date in a handful of other regions. The significant JRPG collaboration with Cygames was originally announced earlier this year.

Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s collaboration with Cygames, makers of the popular mobile game Granblue Fantasy, which sees the two working together to develop a mobile JRPG. This will be a new IP, and so will not be based on any prior properties from either company and will be the Kyoto-based company’s first original mobile game. The action-RPG is very reminiscent of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light in its aesthetics and the way it goes back-to-basics with JRPG tropes; at least from what trailers have shown us.

The game will also be coming to Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau on September 27 as well, with other territories to follow suit at a later date. Nintendo of America has also released a new English language trailer for the game, which you can see below. It mentions that players can “Join with [their]… friends to come together as one” which suggests some kind of multiplayer functionality

The game will be free-to-play, so there are questions on how the game will make money. Considering that Cygames is famous for making “gacha”-style mobile games -smartphone titles that use a loot box like microtransaction system-, Dragalia Lost could follow a similar route. This wouldn’t be unheard of for Nintendo since Fire Emblem Heroes also uses a “gacha” system to make money.

Nintendo will also be holding a Mobile Direct for the game on 29 August at 11:30 pm ET. This will hopefully reveal more details on the title such as its gameplay, monetization structure, and various other details.