Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer Lands Online, Shows off New Features

Spelunky 2, the anticipated sequel to Spelunky, has had its official gameplay trailer released online by developer Mossmouth. The 2D rogue-like exploration platformer plays in the exact same fashion as its predecessor, with players having to evade traps and enemies as they seek out treasure. Spelunky 2 will be playable for the first time at PAX West this weekend for those in attendance.

Taking place after the events of Spelunky, gamers will be able to play as characters such as the aptly-named Ana Spelunky, Roffy D. Sloth and more. The gameplay footage shows off the playable sprites jumping, slashing and maneuvering their way through areas laden with danger and, in true Spelunky fashion, those perils can even come from your own teammates too.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, creator Derek Yu explained that fans of the first game would get a feel for Spelunky 2 straight away before teasing some new gameplay mechanics. “Each level will have a second layer that you can go back and forth between,” Yu said. “Sometimes the entrance is right there and sometimes it’s a hidden shortcut. Even though the gameplay is still 2D platforming, this adds a feeling of a third dimension to the exploration. We’ve also added liquid physics that are really fun to play with – combined with the destructible terrain you get things like dynamic water or lava falls that you have to deal with on each run. The world breathes more. And then there’s all the expected new areas, items, monsters, and traps. It really is a lot.”

Yu also stated that he wanted newcomers to the franchise to feel welcome, saying: “My hope is that new players will want to persevere because we made the effort worth it. Spelunky 2 will have very strong themes of family and friendship and I want new players to feel cared for even as we put tough obstacles in their way.”

Spelunky 2 is expected to land on PlayStation 4 and Steam sometime in 2019.