Spider-Man PS4 Fan Hits Back at Puddle Haters With Hilarious Image

Nothing quite like a Spider-Man PS4 fan hitting back at trolls with a hilarious image to make your Friday feel that much better. For those who are lucky enough not to hear about anything Spider-Man’s puddle ‘controversy’ this may seem confusing, but to put this article into context: the internet has lost its mind over a lack of puddles that were originally there during Spider-Man‘s first gameplay presentation back during E3, 2017.

Why is the internet upset about a lack of puddles? According to some, the absence of puddles means that Insomniac Games is trying to “downgrade” the game in order to rip fans off. We’ll leave that up to you whether you feel that’s truly the most tragic thing you’ve heard ever or not.

Regardless, there was at least one person on the internet who felt that such an issue should be answered with the most logical thing ever: memes. User GTalmighty took to Reddit to post his own creation outlining what he thought about the whole ordeal, as well as his expectations for Spider-Man‘s day one patch.

Leaked day 1 patch for Spiderman! from r/gaming

It may be petty, but it’s the sort of petty that’s to be expected with the level of media following the controversy.

What is surprising, but somewhat wholesome at the same time, Insomniac Games did go out of their way to reply to the disgruntled tweeter who was severely concerned about the lack of puddles in a game that features an ocean.

They tweeted:

Well, we guess that answers the question about whether the puddle controversy had any merit at all.