Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition May Be Coming to Consoles

The diminutive Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition may be coming to consoles in the near future according to a recent leak. The chibi-fied version of Square Enix’s critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 15 originally came out in February of this year. It miniaturized Noctis, his friends, and his world and kept the original plot in tact.

A logo for Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition appeared on the UK PlayStation Network Store recently. The logo promises an HD version of the former mobile-exclusive title. However, attempting to purchase it currently results in an error message. There is currently no news regarding if this HD version of the mobile title will be coming to any other consoles or not.

If this is true, you can likely expect to see a full announcement at Tokyo Game Show 2018 coming later this month from September 19 to September 23. This HD port of Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition could also be how the game could come to Switch, as has been previously rumored. Despite denying claims regarding a version on Nintendo’s hybrid portable console, the mobile version could be the way the team brings the title to the platform.

This is because this less graphically intense version could run on the Japanese company’s more limited hardware. It remains to be seen how the touchscreen controls will translate to more traditional gamepads. Furthermore, there is also no news on whether the HD remaster will include the free-to-play aspects of the original mobile version.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition was originally announced at Gamescom 2017 with its release on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows in 2018. It takes the core story of Final Fantasy 15 while removing some sidequests to make the story tighter and reduces its graphics and gameplay into a form that is more easily playable on a mobile platform. The game is split into 10 chapters. The first chapter is free to all users and the other chapters are not.