Nintendo Direct Delayed Following Earthquake in Japan

While plenty were looking forward to the Nintendo Direct that was supposed to happen today, it appears that the festivities are going to have to be postponed. On account of the natural disasters currently plaguing Japan, there has been a Nintendo Direct delay according to one of Nintendo’s official Twitter accounts (@NintendoAmerica). The earthquake in Hokkaido has been cited as the reason for the Direct being delayed. At this stage, it doesn’t look like there has been a new date or time set yet for the replacement presentation, at least according to Nintendo:


While we were setting up shop and figuring out how best to view the Nintendo Direct upon release, this delay came out of the blue and fans are wondering when the event will be postponed to. The internet was rife with plenty of speculation about what exactly would be discussed. Potential topics for this Nintendo Direct were incredibly varied but in the same, hopeful ballpark as always. Everything from more Pokemon being added to the Smash roster to Animal Crossing finally coming to the Switch was considered fair game. With this new delay, it’s likely going to leave Nintendo fans more room to speculate on the content that was planned for this Direct.

The last Direct was heavily Nindies focused, with an incredibly strong selection of upcoming indies as well as on-the-spot releases like Into the Breach being released. This new Nintendo Direct coming hot on the heels of the last one suggests that there’s going to be a pivot in the topics being focused on; it’s rare that two Nintendo Direct presentations in a row end up dealing with the same types of games. With Smash Switch drawing ever close, and questions about the final roster still floating around the internet, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Direct was meant to put a stop to those queries or if it was meant to cover another big-ticket upcoming release.