Nintendo Direct Delay Brings Out the Worst in Fans

Credit: Kirby GCN17

The Nintendo Direct delay that was announced today has struck a sore spot with some Nintendo fans. The company was clear that the Nintendo Direct had been postponed because of the earthquake that hit Japan, but some fans didn’t seem to care. Instead, they sent hot takes and insults out via Twitter that ranged from demanding free games to anger-filled responses pointing out that the Direct didn’t run on schedule.




Twitter user @Shikaboom has collected some of the more unpleasant responses:

Not only are some people demanding that Nintendo compensate them with free games, but a lot of people appear to be unable to summon even the barest dregs of sympathy for others. Whether it’s people harping on about how Nintendo Directs are pre-recorded and shouldn’t be delayed, or whether it’s people deciding to respond with memes that are objectively inappropriate considering the death toll, we’ve just about had it with Twitter.



Thankfully, there are still voices of reason out there. Members of the community who aren’t ragingly entitled have been speaking out against the insensitivity shown by fans who are questioning Nintendo’s decision to postpone the Direct presentation. By large, those who are making outrageous demands on the company are being told to pull their head in by more sensible people on the internet. While we’re not sure how we reached the point as a species where others had to be reminded that a natural disaster is more than adequate grounds to put anything off, it can really only go up from here, right? In the words of @Pixelpar: