New Judge Eyes Info Hints at Shared Yakuza Universe

New details for Judge Eyes have been revealed through its website and new English trailers. The game, developed by Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi, was revealed at PlayStation Line-Up and is currently called Project JUDGE in the Western market ahead of its release. It will be coming to Japan in December, with a demo out on the Japanese PlayStation Store today, but there’s plenty more bubbling under the surface.

The game will follow lawyer Takayuki Yagami— who is played by Japanese pop-star Takuya Kimura formally of the band SMAP— as he helps solves crimes. The game may be set in the same universe as Yakuza since it takes place in Kamurocho and the Tojo clan is mentioned in one of the characters’ bios.

The game is being labeled a “legal action thriller” on the website, with the player being tasked with solving conspiracies and horrible crimes in the district. This will be done through various investigative mechanics: Players will need to gather evidence through sneaking, searching, and eavesdropping on suspects. You will also need to take photos during some of these cases, as well as put on disguises to help your investigation. Then they will need to present all this evidence to help solve the case.

However, since this could be set in the Yakuza universe, the game will also have fighting mechanics similar to the latest entries in the studio’s most famous franchise. There will, of course, minigames involved in the title with Yagami playing pinball, something called “VR Sugoroku”, and drone racing. You will also be able to use the drone during your investigations to gather evidence. You can watch the new trailers below.

Translations courtesy of Kazuma Hashimoto.