Witcher 3 Voice Actor Denies Cyberpunk 2077 Involvement, Wants Future Uncharted Role

The Witcher 3 voice actor Doug Cockle, who plays protagonist Geralt de Rivia, has denied that he will have a small cameo in upcoming CD Projekt RED title Cyberpunk 2077. Cockle also revealed that he’d like to play some part in the Uncharted series, if the opportunity arose to do so.

When asked about playing a character in the upcoming sci-fi RPG Cyberpunk 2077, Cockle claimed that he had not heard from CD Projekt RED about doing so.

“I’m not currently attached to any triple-A projects,” he told VG247. “I’m not [working on Cyberpunk 2077] actually, so I don’t even have to lie about that. Whether I will or not is a different question. They’ve kind of hinted that they want to get me involved in some way, shape, or form. But what that might be? Who knows, and it may never happen.”

Cockle had gone on record to state that the video game developer had joked about including him in Cyberpunk 2077.

“What I have discussed is the idea of me being involved somehow,” Cockle told VG247 at EGX 2017. “Whether that’s a major part or just an Easter egg. I hope so, I really enjoy working with them. But I haven’t had significant contact. We have jokingly talked about it.”

He also opened up about which other gaming series he would like to be a part of.

“I’d love to be part of the Uncharted series,” he said in a separate VG247 interview. “Tomb Raider – I can’t be Lara Croft, obviously, but being in a Tomb Raider game would be a lot of fun. I was on a judging panel for BAFTA and one of the games I played was What Remains of Edith Finch. It’s like an interactive graphic novel. I just thought it was so beautifully done. That’s a developer I wouldn’t mind getting in bed with.”