NES Controllers for Switch Announced at Nintendo Direct

The Switch is built to take all sorts of controllers, but aside from the launch models, we haven’t seen many new ones. That changes during the Nintendo Direct when NES Controllers for the Switch were announced.

This pair of controllers looks precisely like the original NES models and will be perfect for playing the NES games that come with the Nintendo Online subscription service. According to Nintendo’s PR, the controllers will only be available for those who subscribe to Nintendo Online. It’s likely that instead of grabbing them at retail you’ll have to go directly through Nintendo to order them.

Although aesthetically they’re just like an NES controller, they can attach to a Switch console to charge. As cool as they are, though, it seems like they might be a bit impractical for everyday use unless you just want to use your Switch to play NES games. They’re spot on for the original design so that means there’s no joysticks, shoulder switches, or any additions that would make regular Switch games playable. That’s fine if you’re chilling out at home, but some people will be put off by the need to carry two sets of controllers.

The Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for Nintendo Switch will be available for pre-order when Nintendo Switch Online goes live on September 18.