Nintendo Switch Online: My Nintendo Gold Points Can Be Used to Pay For Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch Online service goes live tomorrow. We’ll have to start paying a subscription to play our Switch games online beginning September 18, 2018. It’s the first time Nintendo has applied a charge to play its games online, but it does come with a slew of bonuses akin to PlayStation Plus. Since its announcement, Nintendo’s online service for Switch has seen a trickle of information released concerning all of its key features. Today, it has come to light that we will be able to pay for any Switch Online subscriptions with our My Nintendo Gold Points.

According to the FAQs section of the service on the official Nintendo website, we will be able to pay for our Nintendo Switch Online subscription using our hard-earned My Nintendo Gold Points. Those Gold points you’ve accrued from buying digital and physical Switch games can be used to get money off (or pay for) eShop games. It turns out that they work on the Switch Online Service, too. Unfortunately, however, you cannot use your Gold Points for auto-renewal of the service.

The official word from Nintendo is as follows: “Gold Points can be used when purchasing a membership in the Nintendo eShop. They cannot be used for auto-renewal.” My Nintendo Gold Points are simple to use. When you buy a game, you will receive a set percentage of its price back as Gold Points. To spend them, you’ll need to head onto the eShop, choose what game (or Online subscription) you want to buy, and it will show you how much you can save with Gold Points. One Gold Point is worth the same as one penny.

The news regarding Nintendo Switch Online has come thick and fast since the latest Nintendo Direct. Paying for the service will give you free NES games with added online multiplayer to play, cloud saves, and special offers.