Sukeban Games Reveals N1RV Ann-A, the Sequel to VA-11 Hall-A

N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action was revealed by developer Sukeban Games today. N1RV Ann-A is the followup to VA-11 Hall-A released in 2016. N1RV Ann-A is set for a 2020 release on Steam, PS4, and Switch. Ysbryd Games is publishing the game and it also published the first game in the series.

N1RV Ann-A is a visual novel and bartending simulator set in a cyberpunk future. The game’s story centers on the bartender Sam, who works at the N1RV Ann-A bar in the fictional Saint Alicia. Corporations have been creating their own city-states in the Cyberpunk Bartender Action universe, and Saint Alicia is one of these corporate havens. Check out the reveal trailer below.

Sam and her partner Leon’s relationship has been rough as of late, as a result their son Tony has been caught in the crossfire. N1RV Ann-A will see players inhabit the role of Sam, bartending and chatting with patrons of the bar, while also contending with her relationship outside work. The game’s vibrant pixel art and hand-drawn animation are well-crafted and arresting.

VA-11 Hall-A focused heavily on characters and their problems all wrapped up in a fascinating world. The game’s brilliant music by Garoad sets a mood and tone unlike any other. Its bartending system looks to be updated and improved for the sequel with a fresh interface design. We included the game on our list of visual novels everybody should play. Expect the sequel to deliver an impactful and well-told story with a great cavalcade of characters to interact with.

N1RV Ann-A developers Sukeban Games are a team of three based in Venezuela. The studio formed in 2014, and released VA-11 Hall-A two years later. That title released on PC, Mac, Linux, PS Vita, PS4, and Switch. It sold over 200,000 copies on PC alone, and was made using GameMaker Studio.