Overwatch Pro neptuNo Takes on Support Challenge

(c) Philadelphia Fusion

Those who walk through the valley of the shadow of death fear no evil. Well, that’s probably also applicable to those who only play support in Overwatch. It especially applies to those who have set the goal of playing solely support to climb the pro ladder. Overwatch pro Alberto “neptuNo” González tweeted recently that he was going to be one of the very best by only maining support heroes, and that it would all be streamed (or at the very least, recorded). The neptuNo support challenge has gotten a fair amount of eyeballs on it so far, and his Overwatch League team, Philadelphia Fusion, has retweeted his efforts:

It may not seem like a tough call for a professional player to climb the ladder, especially if said professional player is more than proficient in a support role already from their OWL play. That being said, neptuNo’s goal of climbing all the way to the top 10 with only support heroes is still a lofty one. Even if the public nature of his support challenge doesn’t draw any untoward behavior from those that he ranks up with, there are still potential limits to playmaking potential here which he will have to contend with.

Those who are wanting to follow the neptuNo support challenge can do so by checking out his Twitch account when he’s streaming, and also keeping an eye on Fusion’s Twitter page (@Fusion) to see when he goes live. Judging by the highlights on Twitch, it looks like he’s currently sitting pretty on Day 3 of the challenge and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down right now. This will be a challenge to watch especially as neptuNo takes his new account into the higher echelons of the ladder.