TGS 2018: BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition for Switch Announced

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Arc System Works confirmed that it is bringing BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition to Nintendo Switch. Central Fiction originally released back in November 2016 in the West on PS3 and PS4. It was ported to PC, too, last April. Two years after its initial release, however, the fighting game is making its way onto Switch, as a Special Edition, no less.

BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 earlier today. The reveal was confirmed on Twitter (via Gematsu). You can see the tweet below:

Unfortunately, no further details were announced. With Special Edition in the title, one can assume that there will be some sort of bonus content involved, but Arc System Works didn’t go into any more depth. A release date wasn’t forthcoming, either. All we know is that the game is due to release on Switch at some point in the future.

BlazBlue Central Fiction is a direct sequel to BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma. It is the last game in the series that stars Ragna as the main protagonist. It features a 40 hour-plus story mode to get stuck into, as well as a large roster of characters to choose from. Including DLC fighters, there are 36 characters in the expansive roster. There is a chance that the Switch version of the game might include the DLC characters from the get-go (if Special Edition is anything to go on). We’ll have to wait for official word on that.

The original release of Central Fiction performed well among critics. Its PS4 edition sits on an average review score of 84 on review aggregate site Metacritic. Arc System Works latest game, Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to hit the Switch on September 28, 2018. With that and BlazBlue Central Fiction Special Edition on the way, Arc is throwing its weight behind the hybrid machine.