The Walking Dead The Final Season Might Go Unfinished

While we’ve previously reported on the closure of Telltale Games, it has now emerged that The Walking Dead The Final Season may well go unfinished following the shock announcement. In a tweet from Clementine’s voice actor, Melissa Hutchison, she suggested that TWD: The Final Season is going to be capped at Episode 2 and that we may not get a conclusion to her character’s story as a result of Telltale Games closing down.


The tweet from Hutchison notes that to her knowledge, the company will release Episode 2 of The Walking Dead The Final Season “and then that will be it.” While there hasn’t been any definitive response from Telltale Games to the contrary, this is the first piece of news from someone directly involved with the studio’s production of The Walking Dead who has suggested that the full product may not ever be completed or made available for purchase after Episode 2.

In the absence of any official comment from Telltale Games which either supports this tweet from Hutchison or sheds further light on the issue, speculation has been rife amongst fans and ex-Telltale employees appear to have been overwhelmingly quizzed about The Walking Dead The Final Season. Hutchison’s tweet notes that she’s saddened that people won’t be able to fully experience Clementine’s story, which may well be a bitter pill to swallow for those who pre-ordered the entire final season and are now being left high and dry as to the rest of the content.

There’s been no word on the release date for Episode 2 being moved in the wake of the closure of Telltale Games. That being said, we’re expecting to hear more about the future of TWD The Final Season from the company soon.