Octane is the most played Legend of Apex Legends Season 9

The Apex Legends player pick rates for Season 9 are here and the results make for interesting reading. It breaks down which Legend players chose most during the season, as well as those who need a little more love in the future. Read on to see where each Legend ranks in popularity. It might even change which Legend you decide to main!

Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 9: Who is most popular?

Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 9

As you may know, Octane was the most popular Legend in Apex Legends Season 9. The masked daredevil was used by 14.5% of players. Next up was Wraith, in a close second with 13%. Rounding off the top three is Bloodhound, selected by 11.7% of Apex Legends players. Here’s the full breakdown of Apex Legends pick rates:

  1. Octane (16.2%)
  2. Wraith (13.5%)
  3. Bloodhound (10.2%)
  4. Pathfinder (8.8%)
  5. Lifeline (8.1%)
  6. Valkyrie (6.9%)
  7. Bangalore (5.9%
  8. Revenant (5.2%)
  9. Loba (4.3%)
  10. Horizon (3.5%)
  11. Mirage (3.5%)
  12. Gibraltar (3.4%)
  13. Caustic (2.7%)
  14. Fuse (2.5%)
  15. Wattson (1.9%)
  16. Crypto (1.8%)
  17. Rampart (1.6%)

As you can see, the Legends at the bottom of the list are the ones commonly known as not the strongest. Developer Respawn has previously joked about these characters – even dropping a fake ‘buff’ for Wattson. Perhaps these statistics might encourage the developers to give them a boost, to see whether their popularity might increase in season 10 and beyond.

In patch notes, developers often explain that buffs are issued to help underplayed Legends become more formidable and attractive to the community. This is often why the meta shifts to a new “meta Legend” with each new season.

It’s worth noting, though, that these statistics aren’t entirely official. The information comes from Apex Legends Status, which uses the game’s API, though the accuracy of the numbers can be affected by users who choose to keep their data private.

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