Sword Art Online Lost Song to Be Released on PC

Fans of Sword Art Online video game crossovers are in luck. Sword Art Online Lost Song has officially been announced for the PC. Like all the other SAO games that have since crossed the river from console to PC, SAO Lost Song was originally released a couple of years ago – check out our review of it if you like. It’ll be enjoying a second lease of life on the PC at some point, and while the official release date hasn’t been announced yet, there aren’t that many months left in 2018 so it may be that the earliest it comes out is next year.

SAO Lost Song has you follow in the footsteps of the formula that made Kirito a household name when it came to anime protagonists. While you’re not in control of the master himself, Lost Song has a large roster compared to other games like Accel World vs Sword Art Online and will gift you with almost 20 playable characters.

Instead of necessarily taking down an evil entity dooming hardcore players to certain doom, it seems like the premise of Lost Song is about raid progression (or at least, about clocking the newest expansion of whatever fresh VR hell your character is trapped in). For a title that released on a last-gen console – the PlayStation 3 to be specific – it may not look or feel as good as newer releases. However, in the vein of almost all of the SAO games, it’s probably going to have enough fanservice to keep the interest of those who worship at the altar of the original light novel.

While we aren’t currently aware of any other details about the release, it doesn’t look like it’ll be a huge deviation from the premise or the price points of the other SAO crossovers that have come to the PC so far. We look forward to more information about SAO Lost Song being shared by Bandai Namco in the months to come.