Report: Lost Judgment sequel’s future uncertain due to dispute over PC release

Don’t expect an announcement of Lost Judgment 2, since SEGA is reportedly in a dispute with the talent agency of Lost Judgment star Takuya Kimura, who plays main character Takayuki Yagami. According to the report, the dispute centers on the lack of a Lost Judgment PC release on Steam, since SEGA knows how successful the Yakuza Steam releases have been. Supposedly Kimura’s agency is standing in the way of a Lost Judgment Steam version, and this may stop SEGA from bringing him back for a Lost Judgment sequel.

Will there be a Lost Judgment 2?

lost judgment 2

Despite Lost Judgment not being released until September 2021, a sequel is already in doubt thanks to reported disagreements between publisher SEGA and Takuya Kimura’s talent agency. According to Japanese entertainment news website, Kimura’s agency has strict rules about where the actor’s image can appear, and it puts the PC on the same level as smartphones in terms of freedom of use and access to the internet — despite all modern consoles having much the same capabilities.

While this is all a rumor it certainly tracks with what happened with previous game Judgment, which never received a PC release despite being highly successful. It’s theorized that the agency may also have an issue with mods or the generally open nature of the PC platform, since it doesn’t want to see its star put in a compromising position. It also seems like Lost Judgment was advertised for a PC release, but this was quickly removed. If the report is accurate, this may not happen and SEGA may stop the Yakuza spin-off series here since the PC is becoming increasingly important to its business.

While the Judgment series may not appear on PC, the Yakuza series can be picked up on Steam, including the most recent game Yakuza: Like A Dragon — which our reviewer highly praised, calling it “a great new start for a fantastic series.”