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Total War: Rome II Developer Hits Back Over Female General Backlash

Total War: Rome II‘s developer has stated that it won’t patch out female generals after it received criticism over their inclusion. Creative Assembly’s title had taken a lot of flak from disgruntled gamers over the number of female generals in the game. Now, the team behind Total War: Rome II have hit back, and they have revealed that there are no plans to fix this.

“In regards to the current debate about Rome II, there have been no changes to the recruitable female general spawn rates,” Creative Assembly wrote on Twitter. “But with the addition of the family tree feature and the new gameplay options it brings, playable factions may gain more female family members via marriage.”

The statement went on to describe how marriages in Total War: Rome II will allow for more recruitable female generals. There is also the possibility of encountering others throughout the campaign, depending on what region of the game players are in. Creative Assembly also stated that it had no plans to remove this feature from the title.

“We have no plans to patch this out or remove this feature from the game,” they confirmed.

Total War: Rome II was hit with negative reviews on Steam because some players had become infuriated that there were almost as many female generals as male ones. One particular review made the claim that over “50% of generals [are] women”, according to PCGamesN. Those unhappy with the addition have claimed that it is historically inaccurate. Creative Assembly dispute that, and community content manager Ella McConnell explained as much last month, telling players not to buy the game if that’s how they felt.

“If having female units upsets you that much you can either mod them out or just not play,” she posted on Steam. “People saying they won’t buy the game because there are too many women in it is fine with us – if that’s their reason, we’d rather they didn’t anyway.”

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