Total War Saga: Troy trademarked by Creative Assembly

Image from Rome 2 Total War's Wrath of Sparta Expansion

Hot of the success of the dynasty spanning Total War: Three Kingdoms, it seems that Creative Assembly is now turning to its more focused Total War Saga spin-off series. The company has filed a trademark for a new game in said spin-off series called Total War Saga: Troy.

Reddit user zhwxs recently shared news of the filing on the Total War series’ official subreddit. Creative Assembly filed the trademark with the U.K.’s Intellectual Property Office on July 23. However, it was only recently officially published earlier this month. The trademark itself falls under classes nine and 41, which suggests that the game will come as both a physical and digital release.

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Unlike the grand scale of the mainline Total War games, Total War Saga games focus on more specific time periods and regions. The first, and so far only game in the series, Total War Sagas: Thrones of Britannia took a look at medieval Britain after Alfred the Great’s defeat of the Viking Invaders in 878 A.D. In it, players took control of various factions, from the Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings, in an attempt to unify all of Britain.

The new game looks to focus on an even more specific event: the Trojan War. A conflict between the ancient Greek city states and the Anatolian city of Troy, the Trojan War is more commonly known as the subject of Homer’s classic Illiad. The latter however adds a lot fantasy elements as both Greek gods come into play, often enabling heroes to perform superhuman feats. As part of this, the game could borrow elements of Total War: Three Kingdoms‘s Romance mode, empowering the many heroes from the Illiad in the same was as the generals from that game.

Outside of the trademark, no other details about Total War Saga: Troy have been unearthed. However, Creative Assembly previously confirmed that a new Total War Saga game was in in development back in March. As such, an official reveal for this new game will likely come sooner rather than later.