Surprise: Doom 2 Has a Battle Royale Mod

For those who can’t get enough of Fortnite and PUBG, but who are wanting something a little more retro, then this special from 1995 might hit the spot. In case you’re lucky enough to possess a copy of Doom 2 and the means to play it, then you’ll be able to benefit from the latest improvement to the title that comes about two decades after its prime – a mod that has everything from a blue circle of death to random item spawns. That’s right – some enterprising folks have put together a Doom 2 Battle Royale mod for your enjoyment.

Retrodex Gaming, well known in the modding community for putting together other Doom mods, seems to have struck modding gold with this latest Battle Royale iteration. The page for the mod on Mod DB has posts detailing the various features of the mod, including the aforementioned random item placements and the blue circle of death, and custom monsters as well. It also looks like the mod allows for matches containing up to 64 people at present, which is a pretty impressive number considering the age of the game that’s being modded.

That being said, getting this up and running isn’t just a one-step process. You’ll need to use something called Zandronum in order to experience this Battle Royale-flavored goodness in Doom 2. That being said, it still looks pretty great, and it’s a bit of a trip to see the game mode in action. While it doesn’t at this stage appear to have the flashy cosmetic items of Fortnite or the deep-fried poultry meals of PUBG, this mod feels like a refreshing blast from the past. Check out some footage of it direct from the YouTube channel of the mod’s creator if you’re curious about how the concept meshes with the aesthetic of the old Doom titles.