Let It Die PC released today.

Let It Die PC Version Available Now

Grasshopper Manufacture‘s Let It Die PC version released today. The previously PS4-exclusive free-to-play game was announced for PC in August, although no date was attached to that announcement. Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, directed the game which has been well received since its December 2016 launch. The PC version is only available via Steam.

Let It Die is set within the “Tower of Barbs” which the player is trying to get to the top of. With hack and slash gameplay, sometimes referred to as a “souls-like,” the game’s fast and brutal style are engaging. Much of the game is centered around the player character’s deaths. When players die, their avatar becomes an undead enemy. If players are able to defeat their old avatar, they can then play as that avatar when players die again. The cycle repeats as players climb the ever more challenging Tower.

The game’s world is inhabited by a variety of zany Suda51 designed characters. The skateboarding grim reaper Uncle Death acts as the player’s guide through the Tower of Barbs. Let It Die’s hub areas are full of interesting characters with their own story. The game’s online component is built around player avatars “invading” others’ games, as a form of asynchronous multiplayer.

The free-to-play aspect of Let It Die comes in the form of “Death Metals” the game’s premium currency. Death metals can be obtained in-game through various activities, including as login bonuses. Death Metals can be used to revive the player’s avatar, reduce crafting times, exchange for kill coins, or expand in-game storage.

Let It Die PC has two DLC packs available to purchase. The $29.99 “Special Pack” contains 50 Death Metals, 20,000 kill coins, and several in-game items. The $49.99 “Platinum Pack” ups that to 100 Death Metals, 50,000 kill coins, and even more in-game items. Other items available range from $0.50 for a single death metal to $24.95 for 50 Death Metals.

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