Travis Strikes Again PS4 and PC release date announced

Last May, Marvelous Entertainment sent word that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes would be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC. Now, it has revealed exactly when these ports of the Switch original will hit these platforms. The Travis Strikes Again PS4 and PC versions will arrive on October 17, 2019.

Marvelous Entertainment’s European branch revealed the release date via a new trailer for the game. The publisher will be handling the worldwide release of the game on PC via Steam as well the European release on PS4. XSeed Games on the other hand will be taking care of the PS4 version in North America.

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The PS4 and PC release is being called Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Compete Edition. As the name implies, this release will contain all the previously released DLC from the Nintendo Switch version.

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture released two expansion packs for Travis Strikes Again. The first of these, Black Dandelion, adds Shinobu Jacobs as a playable character, while also giving her two exclusive skills. The expansion also adds six “Badman Strikes Back” scenarios. The game’s second expansion, Bubblegum Fatale, adds another playable character, Bad Girl, who also gets her own exclusive skills as well. It also adds the Killer Marathon game world, a new skill for Travis, and one bonus Travis Strikes Back scenario.

In addition to the DLC expansions, the move to more powerful hardware means that Travis Strikes Again on PS4 and PC will also feature enhanced, high-definition graphics. The Switch version of the game sacrifices resolution, running at 720p docked and 480p in portable mode, to give players a full 60 fps experience. It looks like the PS4 and PC ports will, at the very least, finally allow players to experience the game at 1080p, or maybe even 4k.

Of course, Travis Strikes Again may not be the only No More Heroes game coming to PlayStation 4. Series creator Goichi “Suda51” Suda has recently stated that he’s discussed bringing the first two games in the series to the console with Marvelous. With that in mind, it looks like fans may be seeing more of Travis outside of his usual Nintendo stomping grounds in the future.