Let It Die PC Version Coming Later This Year

Grasshopper Manufacture is making a Let It Die PC version that will be out at some time later this year. This free-to-play game originally came out on the PS4 in December 2016 from famed video game designer, writer, and director Goichi Suda, who is lovingly referred to as Suda 51. The gameplay focuses on replayability and learning from past mistakes and runs, similar to Dark Souls or games in the roguelike genre.

After its initial announcement, its publisher, GungHo Online Entertainment, has not released any further details about the release of the game on the PC platform apart from the fact that it will be releasing in autumn of 2018. The company has also announced that the title will be released via Valve’s Steam platform.

The 2016 free-to-play action game is set in a futuristic Tokyo where the dead are being revived and tasked with climbing a structure called the “Tower of Barbs.” They are aided by various bizarre characters such as the skateboarding skeleton called Uncle Death. The main gameplay loop of the title revolves around climbing the tower as high as possible, then restarting with a fresh character once the player loses against an enemy. Its premium currency can be obtained via microtransactions and allows players to respawn immediately after they die without any consequence. However, it does give out the currency freely so many have found the free-to-play model for it palatable.

Let It Die has been receiving plenty of support post-launch from both GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture, with the latest patch for the game hitting in late July 2018. The game also continues to receive in-game events, such as the “Mushroom Club Event: Decalibration” which will be occurring between August 16 and August 20 of this year. It has also proved to be rather popular as the game celebrated surpassed four million downloads with an event earlier this year.

Grasshopper Manufacture is currently working on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and will be releasing this year.