Fortnite Map Changes Include Corrupted Areas and a Floating Island

Fortnite map changes have appeared as a result of the season 6 update, with the game undergoing a makeover to coincide with the brand new patch. While not as extensive as previous map changes to the battle royale game, there are still a few highlights tucked away in here. There’s a Haunted Castle, changes to Loot Lake and its new Floating Island, along with new Corrupted Areas. The layout of the map may have stayed the same, though these are some new additions that will leave fans wondering what’s in store for Epic Games’ shooter.

Fortnite Map Changes – Season 6 Map Update

The above image is how the map looks as of the Fortnite season 6 update. As you can see, not a great deal has changed when compared to Season 5. Loot Lake has received an overhaul, with it now appearing as a floating island. The mysterious cube has caused this unfortunate situation, with it lifting the island up and causing it to levitate about the ground.

Fortnite New Locations and Corrupted Areas

The Haunted Castle/Haunted House gets Fortnite ready for some Halloween celebrations, with the spooky new POI featuring its own adjacent graveyard. An official image of the new location can be viewed below:

The introduction of Corrupted Areas is also an interesting change. According to the season 6 patch notes, these Corrupted Areas bring with them Shadow Stones, allowing players to briefly assume a ‘Shadow Form.’ This prevents the player from using any weaponry, though allows you to become invisible to enemies while stationary. Your primary fire button also allows you to apply ‘Phase,’ which propels players in the direction they are facing, warping through objects in the process.

Here’s a brief summary of the new locations:

  • Floating Island
  • Corrupted Areas
  • Corn Fields
  • Haunted Castle

Along with these map changes, the update also brought with it a new Battle Pass. This purchasable pass unlocks the brand new weekly challenges, allowing players to unlock new skins, pets, and more.

You can read about the Season 6 update in full right here.