Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit Star Learned It Was Canceled via Twitter

Yesterday, it was confirmed by British television channel Dave, that Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit has been canceled after three series. The video game comedy panel show proved popular enough to generate a spin-off programme, Go 8 Bit DLC. Popularity dwindled, however, and Dave decided to can the series after only three years on the air. One of the show’s co-creators, however, only learned that Go 8 Bit was canceled via Twitter. While the panel show may be gone, moments such as the hilariously frustrating Tomb Raider challenge will go down in history, however.

That’s right, Steve McNeil, who created the format with as part of a comedy duo with Sam Pamphilon, only learned that Go 8 Bit was canceled on Twitter. Naturally, Dave took to Twitter to tell its fans that Go 8 Bit had been canceled. Apparently, however, they didn’t tell the show’s creator beforehand. He took to Twitter to explain: “If you’re wondering what telly’s like, this tweet just now is how I found out [Go 8 Bit’s] definitely finished.” His full tweet can be seen below:

Talking to Eurogamer on the cancelation of the series, Ellie Gibson added that she’s “sad there’s no more Go 8 Bit, for both personal and financial reasons.” She added that she is “extremely proud of the three series” they did, however. She points out, too, that she “got to meet Kriss Akabusi. And to prove that [she] is better than everyone else in the world at Aladdin on the SNES.”

The last series of Go 8 Bit aired between February and April earlier this year. For the unaware, every week featured celebrity guests playing a classic game, their favorite game, a modern hit, and then a comedic take on a game, with massive controllers, alongside team captains Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon. Ellie Gibson and Dara O Briain were given commentary duties. If a team won the challenge, they’d win points, the winning team of the episode was whoever accrued the most points. It promoted games at a national TV level, and served as a joyous celebration of the medium.