Neymar’s FIFA 19 Name is Hilariously Broken

A Neymar FIFA 19 bug has cropped up on the day of the game’s official release. The latest edition in EA Sports’ long running soccer series is now available to buy, and players may find that not all is what it seems regarding of the game’s cover stars. Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar’s full name doesn’t appear in the game’s menus or the match engine, which is a massive error on EA’s part if they haven’t noticed it.

Neymar FIFA 19

As seen in the above image, the Neymar FIFA 19 error only shows the ‘Jr’ part – which stands for Junior – of his name. With Neymar being one of FIFA 19‘s and EA’s most marketable players, and one of the cover stars to grace the title this year, it’s a huge mistake for the video game developer to make.

Neymar FIFA 19

The match engine’s attempts at showing Neymar’s name isn’t much better. Neymar’s name shows up as ‘N Jr’ during games, which isn’t a great improvement and shows that the bug isn’t confined to certain aspects of FIFA 19. Many of the major outlets – or FIFA 19 players for that matter – haven’t noticed the Neymar FIFA 19 bug yet, but it can be expected that EA will make the necessary changes, via a patch, if more players come forward and complain about the issue.

This isn’t the first bug that FIFA 19 gamers have come across either. One eagle-eyed fan found that Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech kept his protective head gear on – the helmet he wears to protect his head after a sickening challenge in October 2006 – during the transfer negotiations cut scene. EA is yet to make an official announcement on whether it will patch this out but, coupled with the Neymar FIFA 19 name bug, they should do fairly soon.

FIFA 19 is available to purchase now, and it can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.