Scum Update Lets You Make Masks Out of Human Skin

The Scum human skin update has hit the game recently, in case there wasn’t already enough things to do with the body parts of others. That’s right; making a mask out of human skin is now yet another measly item in the long list of depraved things that Scum encourages you to do as you wilfully massacre a bunch of other criminals in the name of entertainment. Devolver Digital’s latest in survival warfare has a lot of things going for it that PUBG might not have, including things of the fleshy sartorial variety.

For those uninitiated with the unique style concept that Scum brings to the table, you’re one of the many criminals who gets airlifted onto an unnamed Mediterranean island to kill each other for sport. You can run around finding a way to escape, which usually involves destroying other people in your way and, with this new update, wearing their skin as masks. I’m not quite sure what those masks are meant to do other than make you look like a complete psychopath, but they’re just another way that Scum pushes the boundaries when it comes to survival games and what’s expected of the usual formula.

If it’s bloody or messy, Scum has it in spades. The game uses all sorts of bodily interactions to make a point: taking a dump in an inopportune place can give another killer a chance to track your movements. On top of that, corpses can be butchered for sustenance or just because you absolutely feel like it. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your teeth yanked out because of a violent altercation, then you’re going to have to turn to mushing up your food in some way in order to have enough sustenance to survive another altercation if it happens.

The update provides players with the chance to skin your enemies once you’re done with them, and with greater crafting flexibility when it comes to things that you can kill other people with. To add insult to injury, you can also tell those enemies to take a hike (with a choice finger) before totally desecrating their dead bodies and making Jack the Ripper look mild.