Rumor: Rocksteady Justice League Game In the Works

All of us are probably familiar with Rocksteady Studios for their excellent work on Batman: Arkham Asylum. The developer is well-experienced in the realm of bringing life to the Dark Knight through its games, so it may well come as no surprise that a rumor has been kicking around about the possibility that a Rocksteady Justice League game is currently in the works. With the Teen Titans revitalization on the small screen not far away, it’s definitely plausible that DC would be looking to get another win with a hitmaker like Rocksteady.

As reported by Comicbook, there is a leak going around which says that the 2019 AAA title that Rocksteady is working on is going to be called Justice League: Crisis. While it had previously been speculated that the studio’s next big game was going to tackle the Man of Steel himself, the community seems to have changed their minds on that in the face of new rumors. There is more detail about the leak itself on Gamepur, and the information seems to suggest a few key things: that all the main characters from the movies of the same name will be playable, that extra villains will be added as part of DLC, and that the game will take on Arkham Asylum on for size in terms of scale.

Now, all reports about this game have been flagged as rumors, and Rocksteady Studios itself hasn’t actually confirmed anything in the wake of these discoveries by the community. However, seeing as the title is supposedly flagged for a 2019 release, it wouldn’t surprise us if we heard something soon about Rocksteady’s secret AAA title. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a Justice League game, fans will likely still have faith in the developer’s ability to turn out a dark, mechanically-impressive title focused on some of the biggest personalities of the DC Universe.