Overwatch 2018 Halloween Terror Event Given Official Release Date

The Overwatch 2018 Halloween Terror Event release date has been confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment. The timed event, which ran for three weeks during October 2017, will launch on Tuesday, October 9. It will be available to play until Halloween itself, which gives players a three-week window to duke it out in themed costumes, compete in challenges, and more.

The official Overwatch Twitter account relayed the news to its fanbase on Monday courtesy of a seven-second teaser. The video above comes complete with a Halloween inspired riddle, and sees the castle map Eichenwalde given a foreboding, scary makeover from its traditionally sunny disposition. The teaser ends with the Overwatch 2018 Halloween Terror Event date revealed, complete with a cackling image of Dr. Junkenstein.

Blizzard had teased that the timed event was due to make its return during a developer update in September. In the video, Blizzard’s Vice President Jeff Kaplan explained that a host of changes were coming to Overwatch, before confirming the return of the Halloween Terror event for this year. There have been rumors that Roadhog will be given a special skin to celebrate the holiday, but there’s been no official confirmation on any of the new outfits yet. The Halloween Terror Loot Boxes are expected to make a return too, with over 140 cosmetic items available during the 2017 edition.

The Overwatch 2017 Halloween Terror event ran from October 10 to November 1. The 21-day long extravaganza offered gamers over 50 themed items to purchase from the game’s store, including skins such as Dracula Reaper, Van Helsing McCree, Totally 80’s Zarya, Dragon Symmetra, and much more. The 2017 event also brought a new PvE mode to the game called Junkenstein’s Revenge. This game mode will be making its return for the 2018 edition of the Halloween Terror event, with a few minor tweaks teased by Kaplan in the developer video.