Remade Tomb Raider Soundtrack Launches on Kickstarter

Tomb Raider 4, 5 and 6 composer Peter Connelly is returning to the series but not for a new game. Instead, he launched launched a Kickstarter, which aims to remake the soundtrack of Tomb Raider 4, 5, and Angel of Darkness, which originally released in 1999, 2000, and 2003 respectively. The goal is £180,000 and the campaign ends on November 1.

Peter and his team have trying to remake the soundtracks to the Tomb Raider games that he composed since January 2017. There’s seemingly more of a focus on the sixth entry, the infamously disappointing Angel of Darkness. This poor reception was due to it being stuck in development hell, which lead to a rushed release and many bugs in the final version.

The music was one of the few high points in Angel of Darkness. It was recorded in Abbey Road Studios and was highly acclaimed when the rest of the game wasn’t back in 2003.

The official website shows more details on the pledges available. Pledges range from £5 to £5,000 and the digital version of the album will cost £10 while the physical CD will be £25. A vinyl release is only available on the £135 tier, but it can be bought as an extra reward for £30. There are handmade pendants, created by a member of Peter’s team, alongside statues of the characters from the games, and much more.

There’s an opportunity to attend the live recording if the project is funded. The concert will even have Dutch model Jill de Jong playing Lara Croft.

This follows on from the original composer of Tomb Raider, Nathan McCree’s successful campaign of his own. He has already arranged a live orchestral recording to the scores of the Tomb Raider games he composed, such as Tomb Raider II. McCree is currently finishing off the album version of the orchestral recording.

The latest entry, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, released to a warm reception, but it remains to be seen if the nostalgia is there to make the campaign a success.