Legendary Pokemon Zeraora

Legendary Pokemon Zeraora Launches in October

Fans of Pokemon have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Legendary Pokemon Zeraora, the brand new Gen 7 Electric-type that was announced back in April.

Polygon reports that Zeraora will be made available to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon players later this month. The Pokemon Company will be working in association with GameStop for Zeraora’s release, as the retail giant will be providing players of the most recent installments in the franchise with download codes for the new Legendary Pokemon.

The Zeraora giveaway will run from October 19 until November 9, giving players three weeks to make their way to their local GameStop. All players need to do in order to get themselves a Zeraora is own a copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun or Pokemon Ultra Moon and ask for a code in GameStop between these two dates. After doing so, they’ll be able to face off against the brand new Legendary Pokemon.

According to The Pokémon Company, players will encounter a level 50 Zeraora after they have redeemed their download code. The Legendary Pokemon will be holding an Air Balloon, which is an in-game item that nullifies Ground-type attacks. Given that Zeraora is an Electric-type, this item makes it immune to its main weakness, which makes Zeraora much more viable for competitive play. As a Legendary Pokemon, it will likely boast some pretty impressive stats, too, making it even more formidable on the pro circuit

Zeraora was first introduced in a video posted by The Official Pokemon YouTube channel back in April. It will be released in the Pokemon Trading Card Game soon, but its Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release will come first.

Zeraora is the last Pokemon listed on the Alolan Pokedex, making it the last Pokemon of Gen 7—well, if Meltan is the first Pokemon of Gen 8, that is.

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