Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Easter Egg Uncovered by Eagle-Eyed Fan

A Destiny 2 Cayde-6 Easter Egg has been unearthed by an eagle-eyed fan almost a month after his death. In what appears to be some form of commemoration to the fallen Guardian, the nod to the character, voiced by Nathan Fillion, was discovered in the game’s Tower hub. The Easter egg in question is Cayde-6’s cloak, and it can be found hanging up on a wall near to Amanda Holliday’s shipyard.

Posting the image on Reddit, user Fallen Chatter revealed the depressing surprise to fellow fans on the Destiny subreddit. The somber moment has led to a variety of reactions from the player base, with some still mourning Cayde-6’s death and others making jokes at its expense. Cayde-6 was often used as the comic relief in Destiny and its sequel. His lighthearted personality was a contrast to the seriousness of fellow Guardians Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey, but some of his puns early in Destiny 2 felt forced by some players.

Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, Forsaken, however, saw that change and bring Cayde-6’s story to a close. A Vanguard derived from the game’s Hunter class, he sees his ghost destroyed by in a battle with the eight Scorn barons’ troops. He is fatally shot through the chest by Forsaken‘s chief enemy Uldren by his own pistol, the Ace of Spades. Despite the other Guardians’ best efforts to reach him in time, Cayde-6 dies, and the Guardians use his death to claim revenge.

Bungie, the developers behind Destiny 2 and its predecessor, have long been proponents of adding Easter eggs into their games, as most long-standing developers do. The former Halo developer had a history of putting in humorous Easter eggs in Master Chief’s universe such as the Red vs. Blue, the machinima based around Halo, dialogue in Halo 3. They have now appeared to be taking that tradition into Destiny‘s universe.