Killing Floor 2’s Halloween Event Features Road Redemption Crossover

It’s October, which means that everything gets just a bit spookier. Even those things which are already spooky get an additional layer of horror-themed delights. Killing Floor 2 is about slaying zombies in creative ways at all times, but they go all out for All Hallows’ Eve. Running until October 7, the Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade event adds a new map, new enemy skins and a bunch of cosmetic items to unlock. It also features a unique crossover with Road Redemption that will give players of both games a new toy to mess around with.

The Monster Masquerade sees Killing Floor 2 players descend into a spooky castle known as the Monster Ball. While it has its fair share of spike traps and hidden flamethrowers, it also promises black lights, strobes, and dance floors. Just don’t boogie down too hard. You might miss one of the newly spruced up Zeds attacking from behind.

Survivors of Killing Floor 2 zombie apocalypse will receive the Road Redeemer. It’s a baseball ball wrapped in chains and topped off with a spiked lug nut. Of course, there are a few new assault rifle additions to the game’s arsenal if you’re into more traditional firearms.

Perhaps even more excited than a fancy melee weapon is the additions to Road Redemption. Hans Volter and DJ Skully are climbing onto their own hogs, becoming full playable characters in this motorcycle combat game.

Both crossover items unlock free of charge for any players who own both games on the same platform. Therefore, only PC players can currently take advantage of the offer. Thankfully, unlike the spooky zombie skins, this crossover is in place indefinitely. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players just need to wait for Road Redemption‘s console debut later in 2018. You can check out the trailer for this new Halloween event below.