Killing Floor: Double Feature PS4 merges VR and non-VR experiences

Killing Floor: Double Feature PS4 is being released later this year. The collection of two installments of the survival horror shooter game will be available in both physical and digital versions. Killing Floor: Double Feature PS4 will include Killing Floor 2 as well as the PSVR title Killing Floor: Incursion.

The Killing Floor series is created by Tripwire Interactive and currently has three entries thus far in the franchise. The series is recognized for its extremely gory first-person shooting and the two games types available to you when playing – The Killing Floor mode and the Objective mode. This latest release brings together Killing Floor installments across platforms. Owners of both a PlayStation 4 and PSVR will be able to relive both Killing Floor 2 and Killing Floor: Incursion from May 21 via Killing Floor: Double Feature.

Killing Floor Double: Feature will include all the downloadable content from Killing Floor 2, including Mrs. Foster as a playable character and the game’s seasonal content. The seasonal content featured an update called Twisted Christmas. Twisted Christmas starred actor Gary Busey as Badass Santa as well as adding a whole host of Christmas related maps and weapons.

Killing Floor 2 was released in 2014 as a sequel to the original Killing Floor. The game features a group of civilians, soldiers, and mercenary survivors taking on “Zeds.” Zeds are the series take on zombies, murderous clones which have invaded Europe following a virus outbreak at the Horzine Corporation. Killing Floor: Incursion sees players take on a more focused experience in virtual reality. Incursion tasks you with uncovering a mystery and exploring what happened during the original outbreak. Both games include a co-op element for playing with friends.

Killing Floor: Double Feature is available on the PlayStation 4 from May 21. You can take a look at the announcement trailer for the zombie-killing gore fest below.