MediEvil remaster PS4 vs PS1 screenshots showcase the upgrade

Sony has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to share some new information on the upcoming remaster of the classic 1998 action-adventure game MediEvil. Not just that, but the game’s publisher and platform holder also shared a number of MediEvil remaster PS4 vs PS1 screenshots in order to showcase the game’s new visual upgrades. The snaps serve to highlight just how far we’ve come in the three PlayStation console generations and more than two decades separating the releases.

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing differences are the vastly improved lighting effects and the iconic skeleton protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque’s character model. In general, the color palette is far more appreciable, and both enemies and environments look positively lavish on PS4 by comparison to their original ’98 counterparts on the PS1. In some of the old screenshots, featured on the left-hand side of the gallery below, it’s honestly hard to tell what’s going on as Sir Dan merges with the muddy backgrounds.

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Thanks to developer Other Ocean, there are no such issues when it comes to this year’s remaster. It’s only natural to expect that the game’s visuals would be drastically changed after all these years, but what about the core game design, which MediEvil series purists most likely don’t want to see touched? According to the same PlayStation Blog entry, this group of devoted players can relax, as most of the original game is said to be intact. The hack and slash combat system, memorable sense of humor, and “secret-packed” levels remain, though there are a few additions beyond the purely cosmetic.

The game’s world map is said to feature a new design, whilst the Hall of Heroes hub area is now home to additional lore. There’s also a new narrator, voiced by Lani Minella, as well as a re-recorded soundtrack and re-recorded voiceover for everyone’s favorite undead knight from original voice actor Jason Wilson. If those changes rub you the right way, you can preorder the MediEvil remaster right now to guarantee a copy on its October 25 launch.