Descent Dives Into Closed Beta Before 2019 Release

To a certain subsection of grizzled PC veterans, the name Descent conjures up visions of glory. First published in 1995, this six degrees of freedom shooter (6DoF for short) wowed Doom players with its expansive maps. Now, after a Kickstarter and three years of preamble, Descent reemerges. Modernized with all the bells and whistles, this new game will go into closed beta on PC in November. After that, the full game will release digitally and physically in early 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Descent takes place in a far-off future where mining for resources doubles as entertainment for the masses. You pilot a blazing fast hovercraft through underground tunnels, fending off rivals with your laser cannons. Boost through 12 story missions before taking it online in a full multiplayer suite. There are 20 unique ships to pilot, each with their own tech trees and classes.

Pre-orders for the retro revival start today. If you want to dive in early, you’ll get access to the beta test and play alongside Kickstarter backers and owners of the prior Early Access version of the game. During the beta, you receive challenges that unlock pre-season cosmetic rewards. Early buyers will also receive a custom ship with a new paint job, access to additional single-player DLC, and the “multipass upgrade” for two multiplayer seasons. There are no additional details as to what that means, but we’ll find out soon enough.

If you already own Descent: Underground on Steam, all the above benefits come at no extra cost. A worthy reward for those who’ve supported the game through the rough times. Speaking of, backers of the game’s Kickstarter are encouraged to head over to the official website if they haven’t already claimed their rewards. You wouldn’t want to miss all the high-speed action when Descent hits shelves both real and digital in early 2019.