Monster Hunter Movie Main Character Teased

The Monster Hunter movie main character has been teased by lead actress Milla Jovovich. She’s set to play original character Artemis in the movie adaptation of the popular Capcom franchise.

Milla has been known to helm the project for some time now, with her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, on board as director following their 14-year partnership with Capcom on the Resident Evil movie franchise. The 42-year old Ukrainian-born star shared a single photo of ahead of the first day of filming the new movie, showing the early make-up progression of her character.

The Instagram shot doesn’t give away new details, but gives us a taste of the kind of damage the Monster Hunter movie main character could take during the film. The Monster Hunter franchise is all about getting clawed up by monsters several times your own size, so the cuts and dirt shown in the shot could point toward at least a tumble down the rocks in South Africa where the movie is being filmed.

It isn’t the first time Milla has shown off pictures of her time on location, but it is the first time we’ve been treated to a visual tease of the movie itself. According to her Instagram timeline, Mila joined husband and Monster Hunter director Paul W.S. Anderson in Cape Town, South Africa in the middle of September with their children, with Monster Hunter filming then confirmed to start in early October. The star began to chronicle her days there with the #capetowndiary hashtag.

Tony Jaa, an actor best known for his role in many martial arts movies like The Bodyguard and the Ong-Bak franchise, joined Milla for dinner toward the end of September, with the photo caption confirming a fight rehearsal for the movie would be taking place on October 1.

The Monster Hunter movie is scheduled to release sometime in 2020. It follows an American military soldier being pulled into the Monster Hunter universe and learning to fight the beasts as they spill into the real world.